Amanda Medaillon - Protector and energiser on the move Amanda Medallion - Protector and energiser on the move

Your personal Medallion:
Energiser and Protector on the Move

The most important advantages

The Amanda Medallion builds up a dense and harmonious field and wraps you in a cocoon of gentle and subtle energy. It protects you from all harmful influences everywhere you go. It acts as a catalyst that gives your body a lot of subtle energy. This energy sets the bodily or mental healing process in motion or even speeds it up. We recommend wearing it as often as possible in addition to Amanda Room Harmonisers.

Note: The Amanda Medallion harmonises with all sorts of medical treatment, but it does not replace any of them.

Water Vitaliser and Food Energiser on the Road

The Amanda Medallion can be used as a water vitaliser when on the move. 

Enjoying wine you will notice after only a few minutes how much its taste improves: Take two glasses of the same wine. Put one glass besides your medallion, the other away for at least 3.5 m. Compare the two glasses after about 10 minutes. The difference in taste is astonishing!

The Amanda Medallion does not need maintenance and does not wear out.


The Amanda Medallion works directly on the energy field of a human body and is therefore worn on the body. It protects against harmful influences of electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones, trains or trams, chaotic energies as in shopping centers. 

For use at work or when travelling. It can be used to re-vitalise food and drinks in restaurants.


Brass, 18 carat gold-plated, with resonance chambers, Æ 52 mm, 5.5 mm thick, weight: 33 g, protection bag.

Export Price: SFr. 450.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 315 Euro
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.

Pricelist: (PDF with 798 KB)

Note: There is a money-back-guarantee on the medallion.

For orders please contact Amanda Energy Products!

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