General Information on Amanda Energy Products

General Information about our products

Healing Reactions

The harmonious force of subtle energy facilitates detoxification of the body and balances the energy flow of the body. It isn't fighting symptoms but initiates healing processes. Assimilating the body to this well-balanced energy field can last for a period of time and healing reactions may occur temporarily as they are known from homeopathic treatment. If there are any problems please contact a medical practitioner and inform him about the change of the energy field in your home. 


Note: Amanda Energy Products do not replace medical treatment. They do

support any form of therapy and often help to make it successful. They

cannot replace a healthy life style!


Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee within three months of purchase on all room

harmonisers and soil vitalisers and one month guarantee on all the other

products, provided that they are returned in perfect condition, except for postage expenses which are not refundable.


Pricelist: (PDF with 798 KB)



Amanda Energy Products do not need maintenance and never wear out.

Amanda Water Vitalisers don't replace a filter for waste pollutants.


Easy Fitting

Amanda Energy Products are easy to use and do not need any expensive installations. When changing your residence they can simply be taken with you and therefore it is a one-time investment. 


Forwarding abroad

Forwarding expenses and insurance fees are not included in the prices. They depend on your country of residence and vary from SFr. 45.-- (pyramid type 7,5 to Germany, Italy, France, Austria) to about SFr. 250.--. Please ask for more detailed information.

For delivery abroad we request the whole price of purchase in advance. 

The Swiss 7.6 % VAT does not apply if the product is exported. 

The VAT of the country of residence is due to the local authorities.


More useful information you will find on our page with frequently asked questions.


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