Amanda Energy Products help with all ill-health resulting from geopathic or electromagnetic stress Amanda Energy Products: range of products

Amanda Energy Products: Increased Vitality and Healthy Well-Being

Amanda Energy Products serve to harmonise your home or your work place. They protect you against underground streams, geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution. They balance the subtle energy field and therefore help with all ill-health resulting from disturbed surroundings. They are well recommended for preventing ailments as well. In order to speed recovery we suggest combining the room harmonisers with the Amanda Medallion. The efficient water from the pyramid facilitates this process as well. 

Amanda Energy Products gradually build up their field of subtle energy. The force of this field slowly improves over a period of time. The effect of the Amanda Water Vitaliser usually can be observed immediately. 

The unique resonance technology provides the outstanding efficiency of Amanda Energy Products. All products function on subtle energies only. 

General information about Amanda Energy Products

More information about healing reactions, money-back guarantee, mounting and maintenance


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Room Harmonisers

All Amanda Room Harmonisers enrich your apartment or house with vibrantly pulsating energy. This energy is on a high wave length and therefore can transform any disturbing influences in the organism into beneficial energy. This means that underground streams, geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution have no harmful influence on the body any more.


Water vitalisers

Amanda Water Vitalisers free your tap water from subtle disturbances and poisons, as they may occur through different treatment, and restore its primordial vitality and quality. Amanda water turns your tap water into a sparkling spring. 



The Amanda Medallion protects you against disturbing influences when on the road. In addition to this, it enriches your body with high amounts of life force. It can also be used in order to vitalise food and drinks when dining out. 



The Book <Der richtige Platz> contains a variety of ideas on the broad use of dowsing in every day life (only available in German). The link will guide you to the German page.


Soil Vitalisers

Amanda Soil Vitalisers enrich the soil with concentrated subtle energy. 

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