Tha Amanda Pyramid for water vitalisation: energising on a very high level Amanda Pyramid for water vitalisation

Profit from the many advantages:

The Amanda Water Pyramid enables you to produce a large amount of high quality water. It is living water in a more dense way. This water facilitates any healing process, first of all detoxification and purge. As well, it heals energy blocks.

Properties of the Pyramid Water on a subtle energy level: Crystal analysis  has proved the extraordinarily distinct form giving forces of this water. It shows the enormous increase of the amount of oxygen in the water as well. This beneficial energy regulates disturbed body processes. It starts healing processes in those parts of the body where it is most needed. For this reason the water from the Amanda Pyramid facilitates different healing processes for each person. In many cases ailments gradually diminish. Through increased life force the body proves stronger resistance against many different illnesses.


The Amanda Water Pyramid is suitable both for hospitals or clinics, for therapists and for private persons.

The Water from the Amanda Pyramid is suitable for both internal and external application. It supports especially healing processes with ailment caused by metabolic waste or hyperacidity of the body. 

Good remedial success has been shown with skin problems or indigestion. It accumulates the body's energy and strengthens the immune system. It facilitates recovery and enhances restoration. 

The application of the water from the Amanda Pyramid in garden centers and farms enhances growth and fertility of the plants.

Internal Use

You best drink water from the Amanda Pyramid two deciliters in the morning with an empty stomach or two deciliters in the morning and two in the evening. You have to drink it pure, i.e. don't mix it with tea, juices or coffee. Drinking this water enhances purges and facilitates metabolic processes.

External Use: Bathes

Taking baths in this highly energised water facilitates every healing process. We recommend about 20 minutes of bathing. The bath in this highly energised water has a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. It enhances to get rid of blocks. Take a good rest after each bath. You may also use the water for packages or compresses. 

Note: Amanda Energy Products do not replace medical treatment. They do support any form of therapy and often help to render it successful. They cannot replace a healthy life style!

Technical Information:

The Amanda Pyramid for water consists of 24 carat gold-plated copper. In it there is a brass water pipe through which flows the tap water. On both ends there is a thread of 3/4 inches. This corresponds with ordinary hoses. 

Export Price: Fr. 4331.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 3032 Euro 
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to the page with "general information"

Pricelist: (PDF with 798 KB)

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