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Protection and increased vitality through unique resonance technology Amanda Room Harmonisers - transform your home into a power place

Room Harmonisers: Transform your Home into a Power Place

Amanda Energy Products offer high protection against underground water streams, geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. In addition to this, they enrich your apartment or house with vibrantly pulsating subtle energy. The energy level of the area will increase significantly so that more life force is available to you. This is beneficial to your health. The devices help with all ill-health caused by disturbing surroundings. They activate self-healing processes on the subtle energy level. 

Profit from the many advantages:
bulletcomplete range suitable for use at home, at work and on the road
bulletincreased vitality
bulletextensive protection against disturbing influences
bullethigh-class design
bulletfirst class quality and precision work
bullethigh quality materials
bulletfacilitate recovery from different ailments
bulletsupport healing process without bodily interference
bulletzero cost installation
bulletunique resonance technology
bulletcontinuous research and development
bulletSwiss quality product


Amanda Pyramids are actually power stations. They are available in four different sizes and harmonise even heavily affected rooms.  There are types for apartments, houses, apartment blocks or hotels.

Plug-In Device

The Plug-In Device neutralises harmful influences from electrical devices such as the computer or the TV. It also protects against external disturbances which are not too heavy. It can simply be taken along when travelling.

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