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Water Vitaliser: A Sparkling Spring in your own Home

Water is vital to all living beings. Our body consists of about 70 % water. It is connected to all processes of life in nature. That is the reason why we should consider and treat water as a living being, too. 

Water is a substance which easily can store or conduct information. You may say that water has a memory in a certain sense. This is true for both material and subtle energy levels. Such information isn't removed nor erased by the water purification process of our drinking-water. This means e.g. that the information of a poison may still remain in the water even if there aren't any molecules left. But the poison still works in a homeopathic way. Such bad vibrations can lead to mal functioning of bodily processes similar to poisonous substances.

Amanda Water Vitalisers free the water from subtle disturbances and bring it back to its original life force and harmonious state. Amanda water is transformed into unspoilt and  healthy drinking water like from a sparkling spring in the mountains.

Tap water

Transform your tap water into a sparkling and beneficial spring. There are three different sizes at your disposal.


Water Pyramid

Living Water even more efficient for therapeutic use (for drinking or bathes)


Water Vitaliser on the Move

The Amanda Medallion is a potent water vitaliser when on the road 

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