Fertility and healthy growth through Amanda Soil Vitaliser Amanda Soil Vitaliser: Fertility and healthy growth

Soil Vitaliser: Fertility and Healthy Growth

Profit from the many advantages:

Not only fertilisers and soil compression cause the gradual degeneration and erosion of our soil. There are also subtle influences which disturb the natural growth of our plants. Subtle disturbances in the soil can result from technical installations like power plants, broadcasting devices, factories, trains, underground parking lots or huge estates. They reduce or block off the subtle energy in the earth, which impedes growth. Should plants obtain wrong subtle information they can become deformed.  

The Amanda Soil Vitaliser bring concentrated subtle energy into the ground where it can then flow freely and undisturbed. They free fields and gardens from harmful energy fields and information. Vitalised soil can easily regenerate and regain its original fertility.

Das Amanda Bodenrohr unterstützt die Regeneration des Bodens
  •  Application

The Amanda Soil Vitaliser is used in addition to the Amanda Pyramid if concentrated energy is required for the soil. It harmonises large areas like gardens, farms, or garden centres. The radius of one pipe is about 60 m. The pipes can be combined for larger areas.

  • Type:

185 mm long, hard plastic pipe, filled with various energised rock sand, various resonance chambers, Æ 63 mm, weight: 650 g. The pipe is to be dug into the soil.

Export Price: SFr. 550.20 (VAT excl.), ca. 385 Euro 
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.

Pricelist: (PDF with 798 KB)

Note: There is a money-back-guarantee on the soil vitaliser.

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