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Increased vitality through Amanda resonance technology Resonance technology developed by Amanda Energy Products

The Amanda Philosophy: Efficiency through Research

The founder of Amanda Energy Products, electrical engineer Eric Tschopp, has done extensive research into the laws of subtle energy for many years. His main interests are: Water vitalisation, room harmonisation, dowsing, geomancy and ecological architecture. He is a professional dowser. His aim is to fight negative influences such as underground streams, geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution etc. and to promote valuable and healthy energy products.

Years of experimentation with harmonious relations and forms as well as precious materials have been necessary to develop the vitalising resonance technology. The book 'Der richtige Platz' (The right place; only available in German) is based on this extensive knowledge and research.

Amanda Energy Products endeavors to produce devices which serve the well-being of the earth, the human race, animals and plants. Its products are made ecologically and in accordance with the laws of subtle energy, while continuing ongoing research.

The Amanda Technology:

Powerful Due to Harmonising Benefits

All Amanda Energy Products are subjected to a highly concentrated field of subtle energies, i.e. subatomic particles which move faster than light. To facilitate this process a device has been designed by choosing and arranging special materials in order to obtain a high density of life force inside it, which speeds up these subtle particles and charges them with energy.

Amanda Energy Products radiate their stimulating energy and their innate harmony into the surrounding atmosphere, the water, the soil and the energy field of human individuals. This clears up and heals the subtle energy field around them, allowing it to pulsate undisturbed through the entire range of subtle colour vibrations. No barrier can prevent this yin/yang-balanced energy from spreading.

Amanda's use of resonance chambers is unique: most Amanda Energy Products are based on geometric laws and constructed to form perfect resonance bodies. Like a violin, whose quality of sound is determined by its shape and its hollow body, these products resonate with high quality energy. Through this process of resonance their effect is multiplied and the quality of their vibration is powerful and balanced.

People who live in this kind of energetic field can easily absorb indispensable life force. They are thereby protected against harmful influences. This equally well balanced effect in the atmosphere can help free the organism from various stress factors, which can eventually help to relieve and prevent many illnesses and complaints.

Amanda Energy Products are easy to use and do not need any expensive installations. They never wear out and do not need maintenance. It is a one-time investment. In their functioning, they could be compared to a pair of sunglasses: These fend off the incoming radiation and give protection without losing their effectiveness. In the long run, the high quality of Amanda Energy Products is very good value for money.

A range of products to choose from:

The wide range of Amanda Energy Products has been developed for use in the home, water, soil as well as for personal protection when travelling. There are three products to re-vitalise water. There are four different sizes of pyramids to harmonise rooms, homes or buildings with heavy disturbances; a practical plug-in device neutralises disturbances form electrical appliances e.g. at work. It harmonises rooms with little disturbances and is a perfect companion when travelling. The soil vitalisers re-vitalise the soil in the gardens and fields. Personal protection is offered through the high quality medallion.

The choice of products depends on the personal need and the degree of disturbance. All the products can be combined together in order to intensify and enhance their effects. We will be glad to advise you on which of our products would best suit you.

An Oasis for Mind and Soul

Harmonious conditions are a necessary prerequisite for spiritual development. Being connected to "the beyond" and being "fully energised" can of course enhance an individual's balance between mind and soul. A pure atmosphere can provide a sense of inner strength and being well grounded. This encourages the mind and soul to develop freely and independently.

By changing chaotic energy structures into a harmonious order, it has been observed that intuition and inspiration can be increased. Intensive dreaming and creativity as well as deeper meditation has been the result in many cases.

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