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Amanda Energy Products work with subtle energy only. It is therefore quite difficult to prove their effectiveness in a scientific way. The products don't change the strength of the electromagnetic field of an electric appliance but its effect on the living organism. You could say: It isn't the quantity but the quality of the field which is changed. For this reason all tests trying to show a reduction of the electromagnetic field strength will fail. 

Any test of the effectiveness of an Amanda Device has to be effected on a living organism. Suitable methods are e.g. kinesiology, dark field microscopy, bioresonance, biofeedback, electro acupuncture and so on. Our Devices have been tested by different methods and there will be other tests.

Crystal Analysis

Crystal Analysis called Hagalis renders visible differences of  water quality on a subtle energy level. 



Our many content customers like to testify the high effectiveness of Amanda Energy Products. 

There are different hotels and restaurants using Amanda Energy Products. You will enjoy your stay at those quiet an lovely places!

Blood Test

By means of dark field microscopy it is shown how the Amanda Plug-In Device changes the rays of a computer monitor from harmful to harmless for the human organism. 

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