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Interpretation of blood samples by dark field microscopy 

Laboratory for Crystal Analysis, Dr. med. vet. Wilhelm Höfer, D- 88662 Überlingen

(Extract from the test)

Tested samples: Capillary blood

Dark field microscopy is highly suitable for showing effects on the human organism originating from different kinds of energy. Incompatible food or short time exposition to electromagnetic stress may cause clearly noticeable changes in the reaction of the blood serum and the appearance of the blood corpuscles.

Within a comparative study the effect of a PC's monitor on the blood was analyzed. Four blood samples of a 14 year old student have been taken and analyzed. The student hadn't been exposed to a television set or a personal computer for more than one hour a week before the beginning of the study.

In a large room of 40 m2 the Amanda Plug-In Device was plugged in. At the other side of the room, at a distance of 7 meters, a PC's monitor was placed at which a student was working for three hours each time. At two following days, four times altogether, blood has been taken from the student's earlobe, before and after his work at the computer, with the Amanda room harmoniser working and without.

The procedure was standardized. Bloodletting at 9 am before the exposure and at 12 am after the exposure. At both days there was now meat eaten and it was made sure that the daily routine remained unchanged.

Without With Amanda Plug-In Device plugged in at the other end of a room of 40 m2
blood test without Amanda harmoniser blood test with Amanda harmoniser
Blood sample after 3 hours work at the monitor
without harmoniser
Blood sample after 3 hours work at the monitor 
the Amanda harmoniser working

In comparison the two pictures taken with and without a harmoniser in action clearly show a change after 3 hours work in front of the monitor. The influence on the blood corpuscles is clearly shown by their forming "money rolls" like patterns and by reduction of the protites.

"Formation of money rolls" indicates harmful influence on the metabolism and the erythrocytes. According to the studies made by professor Dr. Enderlein a reduction of the protites indicates a reduction in the immune system's strength .  

In the picture above at the right there are no negative changes in the blood noticeable if the Amanda harmonisers is at work.  

In the picture above at the left, without a harmoniser working, thickening of the erythrocyte's membranes and the formation of "money rolls" patterns show clearly. This pattern is similar to the one caused by a rise in the blood's pH value. 

This effect is produced because the electrostatic charge is diminished. The formation of "money rolls" patterns means lack of ATP (lack of energy); Sodium ions are entering the cells more often and cell's edema will grow (swelling). This causes a reduced metabolism of the erythrocytes and therefore a reduced amount of oxygen in the organism.  


Analyzing the blood by means of dark field microscopy there aren't almost no harmful effects noticeable originating from the monitor's radiation if Amanda's room harmoniser is being used. Without the harmoniser working the blood is changed in a way which indicates harmful influence on the health. 

(Monitor type: Magic AmTRAN)

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