Amanda Room Harmonisers for more vitality

The Amanda PyramidAmanda Pyramids transform your home into a power place

Amanda Pyramids are actually power stations. They harmonise the atmosphere powerfully and extensively and do not require electrical supply. They consist of gold-plated copper with a crystal tip and ball. They do have an effect on objects as well as on subtle and mental levels and transform your home into a dynamic power place, because of their harmonious shape, their high quality material as well as the energising process of the unique resonance technology they have been subjected to. Within their spherical energy field they balance all subtle influences and therefore offer protection against heavy disturbances. This includes heavy disorders as they may occur near high power plants, transmitters or nuclear power stations. No barrier can prevent this highly balanced energy form spreading.

Amanda Pyramids protect against unwanted mental attacks and wholly facilitate all healing processes thoroughly without bodily interference. They are recommended with all heavy disturbances of the surroundings. For seriously ill people they can be used in order to accelerate healing. It is often advised to combine the pyramid with other medical treatment or remedies, especially methods for detoxification. It is often necessary to enrich your daily food with natural vitamins and minerals. The Amanda water from the pyramid facilitates such treatment effectively.

Water and other liquids as well as food are charged with life force and their nutritional values are increased. The symmetrical beauty of the Amanda Pyramids gives your home a specific aesthetic touch.

Amanda Energy Products gradually build up their field of energy. The force of this field slowly builds up over a period of time. Depending on the place you are living, this process will require up to several weeks to be accomplished.

Note: Amanda Energy Products do not replace medical treatment. They do support any form of therapy and often help to render it successful. They cannot replace a healthy life style!


The Amanda Pyramid is available in four different sizes:


Type 7,5

The smallest Amanda Pyramid is suitable for homes and at work if there are not too heavy disturbances. Being small and handy it may easily be taken with you when travelling: it is only 7.5 cm high and weighs less than 1 kg. It offers protection against underground water streams, geopathic and electromagnetic stress where ever you go. It offers even better protection though after being set up at a place for a period of time. 


Export Price: SFr. 1'738.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 1215 Euro 

For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.


Type 12

The Amanda Standard Pyramid is type 12. It offers ideal protection against underground water streams, geopathic and electromagnetic stress at home or at work even with serious disturbances. It extends its radius to the surrounding garden and fills the room with highly pulsating subtle energy which transforms your place into a vibrating power place. 


Export Price: SFr. 2'575.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 1800 Euro 

For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.


Types 16 and 21

Both larger Amanda Pyramids extend their energy field further and they radiate more and stronger energy than the smaller types. They are suitable especially for huge buildings such as blocks of flats, hotels, hospitals, garden centers, farms, manufacturing plants, seminar centers etc. or if there is a more intense energy field wanted. 


Export Price Type 16: SFr. 3'662. --(VAT excl.), ca. 2560 Euro

Export Price Type 21: SFr. 5'335.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 3730 Euro
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.


Pricelist: (PDF with 798 KB)



The Amanda Plug-In DeviceThe Amanda Plug-In Device harmonises electrical appliances

The Amanda Plug-In Device consists of a plug casing which may be put in any socket in Europe. In its interior there is a cylinder made of copper, silver, gold, hemp and linen and two coils made of electric wires. This special arrangement of materials accumulates the energy and the information of the special treatment by the resonance technology.

As soon as the device is put in operation it sends a subtle and pulsating energy through the entire power supply system which is then distributed into the room and the entire home. The Amanda Plug-In Device neutralises all harmful influences from electrical devices such as the computer, the telephone, the TV, the radio or domestic appliances. It also protects against external disturbances which are not too heavy. Being small and light (100 g only) it can simply be taken along when travelling.

Export Price: SFr. 693.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 485 Euro
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.

Note: There is a money-back-guarantee of three months on all room harmonisers.

For orders please contact Amanda Energy Products!

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