Amanda Water Vitaliser for more well-being and vitality Amanda Water Vitalisers for tap water

Water Vitaliser: A Sparkling Spring in Your Own Home

Profit from the many advantages

Would you like to have clear, sparkling, refreshing and tasty drinking water? Water that feels soft and vibrant and which has an energising effect?

Normal tap water is usually mixed and pumped through pipes, blended with chemicals or exposed to ultraviolet light in order to chemically purify. "Chemically pure" isn't identical to "healthy" because in the course of this process, the water loses much of its original vitality. Tap water quite often tastes dull and tends to deposit lime scale in large quantities. In addition to this, the water has a sort of "memory": The subtle information from various materials, which aren't removed by any filter, leads to pollution and poisoning of our drinking water with harmful effects on the organism.

The Amanda Water Vitaliser frees the water from all subtle pollutants and brings back its natural life force. Vitalised water has the harmonious qualities of the original, vital water from the spring. You will love the beautiful fresh taste of your vitalised water! The high level of energy balances all body fluids, and, as we know: a human being consists of 70 % water. It enhances detoxification and in case of skin problems, supports regeneration. Lime scale in pipes and household appliances, as well as the amount of washing powder and cleaning agents used can be reduced. Tea and coffee have more taste. The Amanda Water Vitaliser is recommended together with the pyramid because the two devices support each other in their beneficial effect. 

Note: Amanda Water Vitalisers do not replace a filter for waste pollutants.

The Amanda Pipe WrapAmanda Pipe Wrap for flats or one family houses

The purple bag is filled with energised, natural mineral sand. In order to obtain its outstanding efficiency it has been energised by a special treatment. As soon as the Pipe Wrap is fitted to the water supply it transfers its vitalising properties to the water. 


This bag can be wrapped around any water pipe (be it the main water supply or a distributing pipe) up to a diameter of 1 1/4 inch. If used under a sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen all the connecting pipes will benefit from the harmonious effect. This means that you need only one bag to vitalise all the water in your home. 

Export Price: SFr. 358.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 250 Euro 
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.

The Amanda Water CylinderAmanda Water Cylinder for flats or one family houses

The Amanda Water Cylinder consists of a gold-plated brass cylinder. Inside it, there are different chambers of resonance in a specific order. The effect of the Amanda Water Cylinder is notably stronger than that of the Amanda Pipe Wrap and its effect reaches further. It can easily be fitted to any water pipe by yourself. 


Type 1: for a whole flat or a one family house

Export Price: SFr. 550.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 385 Euro 
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.

Type 2: for blocks of flats, restaurants, hotels und manufacturing plants etc.

Export Price: SFr. 1'002.-- (VAT excl.), ca. 700 Euro 
For further information on forwarding abroad please refer to general information.

Pricelist: (PDF with 798 KB)

Technical information:

Type 1: Æ 32 mm, length 88 mm, weight 100g.
For pipes up to a diameter of 1 1/2 inch

Type 2: Æ 63 mm, length 175 mm, weight 550g
For pipes up to a diameter of 1 3/4 - 3 inches

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